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Reply To: Session 8 Blog Video Question

Bennett Bookter

I believe that any text is not worth risking your life. Heather lost her life by sending out unnecessary texts to a friend that could of just been done when she reached home. I thought after watching this video it changed my perspective that texting and driving can kill you. Seeing how heart broken Heather’s parents were shows me not to act so stupid and not to put my parents in that state of grief. Next, I think there should be striker laws on texting and driving. I feel teens probably just look past that law and feel that they won’t be caught. I believe the penalties should be more severe when caught so texting and driving will stop. Finally, texting and driving affects everyone on the road around you because they could get in an accident with you. Also, text and driving affects all family who have to deal with stress and grief from you getting a ticket, injury, or death as the result of texting and driving.

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