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Online Driver’s Education

Thank you for taking a look at our Online Driver’s Education Course. Port Washington High School is the first and only Wisconsin High School to offer the 30 hour online course. This course is approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. This course will satisfy the 30 hour classroom requirement set by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. This is a non-credit course. Any student, in the State of Wisconsin, who is 14 years nine months old or older, can take our course.

How It Works

When you register for our class you will be required to create a username and password. With this username and password you can login and logout of the course as much as you want. If you are in the middle of a section and need to logout you can do so. When you log back in, the computer will take you back to where you left off. You should, however, try to start and finish each section uninterrupted. The course will only allow you to finish one section per day. You will have 4 months to finish the course from the date you signed up.

There are 40 sections to our course. Each section is designed to take at least 45 minutes to complete and contains the following:

  • A short presentation from our instructor reviewing the last lesson and providing an overview of the lesson you are about to take
  • Required reading from the Wisconsin Motorists’ Handbook
  • Videos and Public Service Announcements from organizations such as the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, The American Automobile Association (AAA), and the Wisconsin Organ Donor Association (to name a few)

All videos and readings are contained within our online program. We will ask you to watch certain videos with your parents.

At the end of each section there will be a quiz on the information covered within that section (the presentation, the ride, the reading, and the videos). A student must pass each section quiz with a score of 80% or better to move on to the next section. If you fail a quiz, you will be sent back to the beginning of the section you failed to retake that section. If you fail a section twice you will be locked out of the course until you and your parent have had contact with our Instructor. Each section is timed and you will be required to spend 45 minutes on each section.

It should be noted that questions for each section are randomly selected from a pool of questions. This way no two students will have the same bank of questions. Also, if you fail a section, you will have a different set of questions to answer on your second attempt.

At the end of the course (section 40) there is a cumulative test. You should review the previous sections of the course and the Wisconsin Motorist Handbook before taking this test. You must pass this test with a score of 80% or better and will have two attempts to do so. If you fail twice, you will be locked out of the system until you and your parent have had contact with our Instructor.

Upon successful completion of our course you and your parent will be emailed a course completion email. When you are 15 or older, you can take that email and register for the Behind the Wheel portion of Driver’s Ed at any provider you wish. That provider will give you the form you will need to take to the DMV so you can take the Instruction Permit test and receive your Instruction Permit.

Once again, you will have 4 months to complete this course or you will have to pay the fee to take it again.

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