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Reply To: Session 8 Blog Video Question

Natalie Chandler

First, I do not believe any text is worth risking what happened to Heather. If the text was really important, just pull over or find a safe place to respond. Risking her life or others is not worth one text message. This video didn’t really change how I feel about texting and driving, because I already know how dangerous the action is. Additionally, I will not ever text and drive even more so after watching this video due to the fact that I will risk my life and the lives of others. I think the penalties for drivers who are caught texting and driving are enough, however if law officials see that it is necessary to make greater penalties for texting and driving, I would not object. Furthermore, I think it is more of a matter of enforcing the law surrounding texting and driving than the penalty, because I believe that if more teens saw people they know being pull over for texting and driving they will do less of it. When someone texts and drives they are putting not only their own life in danger, but the lives of everyone around them while they do it, physically and emotionally. Especially, family and friends.

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