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Reply To: Session 19 Blog Video Question

Elle Pechan

I personally think that they could have been goofing around, or been distracted by music or some type of cellular device. I think this because many kids lose their lives to these actions, and there were two boys that could have been distracting each other.  Reasonable and prudent speed means a speed that is safe and acceptable for the conditions that day. Maybe the speed is 35 mph, but it is snowing so you should take it like 25 mph instead. I do think that could have been a factor. The young man that was driving could have never driven in the rain before which led him to losing his life. Yes, it is significant.  Since it was late at night, he could have been tired and lost control or had a hard times seeing due to rain and darkness. Some more experience and more focus could have saved these boys lives, is what I think.

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