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Reply To: Session 8 Blog Video Question

Noah Gehin

After watching the blog video, I believe that there is no text worth risking sending after seeing the outcome of Heather because you could wind of being killed like she did. Watching the video changed a little bit of feeling of texting and driving because before watching this I knew it was a bad thing to do and know after watching it, it just reemphasized how bad it really could be. If you are caught texting and driving there should be stricter penalties because then it really proves a point to get people to stop like drunk driving where you could get thrown in jail if found buzzed. The people that are affected by texting and driving are one the drivers you share the road with because by texting and driving you could be a hazard towards others, and two your loved ones who are at home and care about you. If they found out that you died from car accident from texting and driving like Heather they would be very sad and frustrated just like Heather’s parents.

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